Custom Liquid Blending


Smooth, sweet, rich & robust tobacco. Dark juice similar to a cigar smoke with a hint of hazelnut and chocolate. 

Banana Blast

Bananas gone bananas. 

Atomic Fireball

Sweet, yet explosive taste of hot cinnamon with each inhale. 


The rich, nuttiness of almonds brings you an authentic taste of amaretto. Not too strong but just right. 


In addition to having over 50 flavoring liquids to choose from, we also offer products by industry leading producers such as Cosmic Fog, Vice & Ruthless. Our flavorings are made from FDA approved ingredients and 100% Diacetyl free with no artificial coloring. 
Bavarian Cream

A deliciously rich & creamy vanilla flavor based on the classic Swiss dessert. Similar to a vanilla custard or mousse. 

Belgium Waffle

This liquid recreates the timeless breakfast classic. Freshly prepared waffles with a dab of butter and a hint of syrup.

Birthday Cake

Fluffy white cake with a lightly frosted taste. Have your cake and vape it too! 

Black Pepper

Tastes just like freshly cracked black pepper. Vape it alone or combine it with one of our many other flavors for a kick. 

Blueberry Candy

Very strong blueberry candy flavor, sweet, tart and delicious just like the consistency of blueberry candies. 

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble

A perfect mixture of blueberry with a hint of cinnamon. A fun flavor that goes great with a sip of coffee. 

Cake Batter

Sweet & yummy just like cake batter should be. 


Perfect for a nice & smooth vape after dinner. 


Brown sugar with undertones of maple, this classic flavor is sure to please the kid in all of us. 


Full flavored milk chocolate blend - not overly sweet.

Caribbean Breeze

Picture yourself on the sands of your favorite tropical island. Coconut & pineapple with a hint of lime and subtle sweetness. 


Creamy, smooth & rich with notes of sweet cream and pie crust. 


Our cherry is similar in flavor profile to a maraschino cherry and offers the ultimate sweet, fruity richness.

Dragon Fruit

This exotic beautiful fruit is described as a cross somewhere between a kiwi and a pear.

Green Apple

Imagine biting into a perfectly sweet & tart green apple - it's a true apple lovers delight.

Hazelnut Latte

Lovely flavors of vanilla & hazelnut are mixed to perfection - goes great with your morning cup of joe. 

Kentucky Bourbon

Picture yourself with a glass of bourbon on the rocks - this flavor embodies this fully. 


Refreshing, clean menthol flavor. 

Cinnamon Apple

Subtly spiced fresh apple flavor with a hint of cinnamon. 

Cotton Candy

This sugary concoction is sure to satisfy any candy craving. Light & soft with reminiscent flavors of cotton candy.

Cucumber Lime

Refresh your senses with this cool and invigorating balance of cucumber & lime. Mix it with mint and create a cucumber mojito!

French Vanilla

Smooth & velvety - ooh la la - it's French Vanilla!

Fruit Loops

With a myriad of fresh fruit flavors all packed into one e-juice, it's delectably sweet and is a perfect start to the day.


There is nothing quite like the refreshing crispness of purple grapes - this liquid is no exception. 

Gucci Juice

A smooth & creamy fruit blend with island flavors of a pineapple cocktail.

Gummy Candy

If you are a fan of gummy bears you will be very happy with our gummy candy concoction. 

Hawaiian Punch

A tropical fruit juice medley with the cool & relaxing flavor of Hawaiian punch. 

Hot Tamale

Spiced, full bodied and mildly sweet - cinnamon lovers embrace its long lasting cinnamon flavor.

Juicy Fruit

Tastes just like the Juicy Fruit gum, except it doesn't lose flavor after 4 blows! 

June Bug Spade

Wild berries make this flavor taste just like jelly beans. 

Key Lime

Fresh lime flavor with a hint of vanilla and pie crust. 


The perfect blend of sweet sugar with fresh sour lemons. 


Do you like Pina Coladas? Then try this flavor for the perfect island getaway! 


Enjoy this refreshing sweet and tart flavor of pomegranate on its own or mixed with other fruit flavors. 


Combines a light tobacco flavor with hints of vanilla & caramel. 

Strawberry Kiwi

Alluring bold flavors of mature strawberry and fresh kiwi. 

Mountain Dew

An awesomely sweet and cool blend of Mountain Dew, tangerine & peach. 

Orange Cream

Unravel your favorite orange creamsicle flavor with this signature e-liquid. 


You would think that the name alone would describe this flavor, but rest assured it's not your average pineapple. 


Fresh, juicy raspberry flavor tastes great on its own or mixed with our favorite - lemonade! 

Red Bull

We cannot claim that this one with give you wings, but we can definitely say it tastes just like the real thing. 

Root Beer

A delightfully light and refreshing vape with strong sweet notes of delicious sassafras root. 


Vape a fresh batch of homemade Snickerdoodle cookies {milk not included}.


Its minty and invigorating for a natural pick me up to your taste buds. 

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A creamy mix of ripe strawberries, bananas and sweet cream blended to create a flavorful fruit smoothie. 

Vanilla Cupcake

One of the most popular sweets in the world except this version doesn't pack on the calories. 


Just as the name suggests - strawberry. Delicious on its own or fantastic blended with other flavor offerings. 

Sweet Tart

All the taste of a sweet tart without the cavities. 

Unicorn Tears

Don't worry, no mythical creatures were harmed in the making of this grape gummies flavor. 

Vanilla Hazelnut

Captures the sweet, buttery flavor of hazelnuts perfectly roasted with vanilla bean. 


It's not easy to find a vanilla e-liquid with the true richness and complexity of real vanilla but our liquid provides just that. 


Love biting into a fresh watermelon? This fruity and cool flavor will satisfy all of your watermelon cravings. 

At NSB Vapor Parlor we want your liquid experience to be unique which is why we mix the majority of our liquid on site. By choosing your custom PG, VG & Nicotine levels, our liquids result in the most customized & fresh experience possible.